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PEP: Your Time-Sensitive Chance to Reduce your HIV Infection Risk

The word ‘HIV’ brings in its wake the fear of an incurable disease and lifelong social stigma in most people.

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Singapore: The Ultimate Guide

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infections that spread through sexual contact.

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Your complete guide to HIV in Singapore (2022)

HIV may be considered a taboo topic in Singapore, but let’s not shun away from talking about it. Below, everything […]

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Trichomoniasis: A man's guide to treatment (2022)

Don’t let STDs dampen your sex life. Find out more about trichomoniasis, a STI that exhibits no visible symptoms in […]

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Does engaging in anal sex increase my risk of anal cancer?

Apart from preventing STDs, protection during intercourse can reduce your risks of anal cancer too. Anal cancer is a somewhat […]

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Can STIs cause male infertility?

Men are responsible for about 20-30% of infertility cases — could the rise of STDs be causing these numbers?  If […]

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Vasectomy: Birth control for men?

Preventing pregnancy isn’t just a woman’s part to play. Men can too. When you think about birth control measures, your […]

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Are men more prone to molloscum?

Men, don’t ignore that rash you’re experiencing — it may be a sign of an infection that’s been linked to […]

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Genital herpes in men: A doctor explains

Yikes! Genital herpes isn’t pretty. Let’s find out how to cope with this lifelong condition. Genital herpes — yes, we […]

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