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The Straits Time Highlights Worrisome TikTok Videos on Diabetes Medicine

Recently, a weight loss injection, commonly identified as Ozempic, has been going viral on Tik Tok with multiple users digitally […]

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Hair loss in men: Treatment Options in Singapore (2022)

Struggling with male pattern hair loss? Here are a few treatment options.  Are you seeing more hair than you like […]

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How can I manage my dust allergy at home?

If you often suffer from dust allergies, here are some steps you can take at home to minimise your flare […]

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Why is snoring more prevalent in men than women?

Ever wonder why females are usually the victims of their partner’s snoring? Anatomy could be a huge reason why.  Snoring […]

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Is it the cold, or just allergies?

Allergic rhinitis symptoms are often mistaken for COVID-19. Here’s how to tell, and how to manage your allergies better.  Runny […]

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Think you have an alcohol allergy? You may be wrong

Why your Asian Flush Syndrome may not be indication of an allergy Have you gone drinking with your group of […]

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In this pandemic, can air purifiers prevent the spread of viruses?

While there is no evidence that an air purifier can remove the SAR-CoV-2 virus, it is still worthwhile investing in […]

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Dr Benjamin Loh’s guide to managing mould at home (2022)

Get your mop and bucket, it’s time for some spring cleaning. Are you experiencing allergy symptoms and are wondering if […]

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Does working out cause acne in men?

It is not exercise that causes acne, but rather your skincare habits and sweat caused from working out Being active […]

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