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Why having trouble peeing may not be normal

Can’t control your pee? It may be a sign of an underlying medical condition. Most people will experience some form […]

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I’m healthy and young - Should I still screen for colon cancer?

Colon cancer affects mostly older men, but increasingly more younger adults are getting diagnosed too. As a male, you must […]

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Earwax removal: When should I remove my ear wax?

Can’t hear properly? It could be ear wax build up.  You probably only think about earwax removal when you are […]

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Ear Infections (“Otitis Externa”): What should I do?

Swimmer’s ear can be a pain to deal with, but it is easier to fix than you think.  Ear infections […]

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Do air purifiers really work?

Unclean air can greatly affect your health in the long run, causing side effects like headache, nausea and even cancer.  […]

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Hepatitis C: The lethal liver disease you shouldn’t take lightly

75-85% of people with Hepatitis C usually become long term patients — don’t let that be you. Have you ever […]

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Help! I have crusty and itchy skin - could it be scabies?

Is that itch on your skin merely rashes, or more than that? Scabies is a skin infestation caused by the […]

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Are you suffering from Office Syndrome?

Back pain and dry eyes from your office job? You’re not alone! Are you experiencing back pain, dry eyes and […]

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Cold sores: How do I manage this lifelong condition?

Even when you recover from cold sores, the virus will stay in your body’s system. Here’s how to manage it. […]

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