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Genital herpes in men: A doctor explains

Yikes! Genital herpes isn’t pretty. Let’s find out how to cope with this lifelong condition. Genital herpes — yes, we […]

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Gonorrhea in men: What to expect

Gonorrhea is one of the most common STDs in Singapore. Here’s how you can protect yourself from it. Just the […]

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How do I know I have chlamydia?

What should you do if you have chlamydia, Singapore’s most common STD? So, you think you've got the "clam" or […]

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Is mycoplasma genitalium the new, common STD?

Did you know that mycoplasma genitalium, though not talked about, is a more common STD than gonorrhea? Mycoplasma genitalium is […]

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Is syphilis making a comeback in Singapore?

Syphilis in men may look minor at first, but it progresses faster than you think. It appears that syphilis is […]

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Did you know that men can get HPV too?

Did you know that HPV, a condition more commonly associated with women, can occur equally in men too? HPV or […]

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Why testosterone replacement therapy is better than anabolic steroids

As your testosterone levels decline as you age, side effects like decreased libido and fatigue are common. Here’s what you […]

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In your twenties and can’t get it up? You are not alone!

Erectile dysfunction affects more young men than you think — but the good news is it is completely treatable. Are […]

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