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Can men get breast cancer too?

Due to a lack of awareness and late diagnosis, breast cancer in men is often more severe. If you are […]

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Male menopause ("Andropause") : Myth or reality?

After 30, testosterone levels decline by 1% yearly. Lower sex drive, mood swings and decrease in muscle mass are some […]

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Can STIs cause male infertility?

Men are responsible for about 20-30% of infertility cases — could the rise of STDs be causing these numbers?  If […]

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Vasectomy: Birth control for men?

Preventing pregnancy isn’t just a woman’s part to play. Men can too. When you think about birth control measures, your […]

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My crotch hurts! Do I have testicular cancer?

A pain in your nether regions may not always mean testicular cancer, but here’s how you can keep a lookout.  […]

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Do sex enhancement supplements work?

Male enhancement supplements have long been marketed to improve your performance in bed, but do they really help? Men are […]

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Can the coronavirus really cause erectile dysfunction?

We finally break the silence on this frequently asked question.  Have you recently lost your mojo in the bedroom? If […]

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Are men more prone to molloscum?

Men, don’t ignore that rash you’re experiencing — it may be a sign of an infection that’s been linked to […]

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Genital herpes in men: A doctor explains

Yikes! Genital herpes isn’t pretty. Let’s find out how to cope with this lifelong condition. Genital herpes — yes, we […]

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