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Telemedicine - Quality Healthcare via Technology

Are you aware that you can access a variety of medical services without leaving your home? You can get the medical advice you need and a prescription via your computer or phone. Telemedicine has become more prominent over time and the convenience of it is invaluable to the medical profession. All it takes is one phone call and you can connect with us.

Our telemedicine service can be accessed by both current and new patients. We have provided a step by step guide for ease of reference.

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5

Call or email the clinic to schedule an appointment. Your details will be taken by our competent staff.

You will be contacted by the doctor who has been assigned your case at the scheduled time.

Your doctor will then start your consultation. You get to choose what type of consultation that you prefer. We offer options that are tailored to your unique requirements: a.Video call b.Phone call (available for current patients)

You can obtain your medication in the following ways: 1.You can arrange to have your medication picked up from the clinic. 2.Or your medication can be delivered to your home.

You will be advised of our payment methods and you can choose the method that best suits your needs.

We assure you that our telemedicine experience is convenient and easy to navigate.

The following segment should address any concerns or queries that you may about Telemedicine.


What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine facilitates remote patient care where neither medical practitioner nor patient is in the same physical space.

Telemedicine became popular in the 1950s as doctors started to use telemedicine more frequently.
Specialists originally started using it to share information with general practitioners in isolated areas.
As we forge a new path through the pandemic, telemedicine is being used to maintain social distance thereby minimizing the spread of the virus.

Who can access telemedicine?

Any person who does not require emergency health care can use telemedicine services.

What are some of the benefits of telemedicine?


Telemedicine offers an unbeatable level of privacy and confidentiality. The consultation takes place at your residence. There is less scope for security breaches.


You do not have to leave your home. Commuting, traffic, and time in waiting rooms are eliminated.

Lower Absenteeism rates at work

There is no need to request time off from work to go to a doctor’s appointment.

Reduce exposure to contagions

You would definitely reduce your exposure if you stay indoors.

Uninterrupted child and geriatric care

There is no need to find substitute caretakers when you need to keep a doctor’s appointment.

Can telemedicine be used for Covid19 concerns?

Most definitely! Actually, it is strongly encouraged. If you start feeling ill, you should call your doctor and describe your symptoms. This way you can self-quarantine and minimize the spread of the virus.

Telemedicine has proved to be an invaluable asset during this pandemic. Depending on your
symptoms (fever, ability to breathe, etc.), your doctor will advise whether you need to be admitted to
the hospital for more rigorous treatment.

Can I get medical certificates using telemedicine appointments?

If your medical complaint requires you to have a medical certificate, your doctor can certainly issue one to you.

What kind of medical conditions can telemedicine be used for?

Most conditions and diseases can be addressed via telemedicine consultations. Only emergencies are outside of the parameters of telemedicine.

Are my medical records secure?

Yes, the data of all our patients are kept both safely and confidentially. Our patient data storage methods are compliant with all legal obligations.
Our team is ready to serve you if you decide to take advantage of our telemedicine services.

We assure you that your health care will not be compromised in any way. You can look forward to a premium customer service experience. Our telecommunication platforms are adequately equipped to meet your health care needs. We look forward to your call.